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YouTube To Fight The Trolls By Making Them Use Their Real Name [Updates]


If Dante was writing his Divine Comedy today, he would have added another layer of Hell to his masterpiece and it would have been called “The YouTube Comments”. Yes, if you want to see how low human nature can sink to, you only have to participate in, or just read, the comments section on a YouTube video. Some of the language there is enough to make a sailor on shore leave blush.

But YouTube is now fighting back by forcing anonymous commenters to use their real names for commenting. This way, they are obviously hoping that by being outed in public, the trolls will self-moderate their language and become sweet talking Catholic choirboys. Or something like that.

When you now comment on a video, or upload a video, Google will ask you to start using your real name, tied to a Google Plus account. If you refuse, and click “I don’t want to use my full name“, you have to supply a valid reason why. Saying your life’s ambition is to become an anonymous troll isn’t one of the valid reasons unsurprisingly.

This is an overhaul to YouTube which is long overdue. Pretty soon we might actually be able to have a civilized conversation on YouTube with witty banter and calm debate, without anyone being accused of having sexual relations with their mother. Imagine that!

News Source: Wired

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